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 Doc's DOOM 3 Server Setup Page
Which OS's are supported for the dedicated server? Only Windows at this time. Windows 2000 Pro and Server and Windows XP. If you want to use Server 2003 you must run Setup.exe using the /a switch
Installing DOOM3 on the server what to do? You have two choices?
1. Install on your client machine and simply copy the whole Doom3 folder over to the server.
2. Install using the CD's making sure you have admin rights.
Doc, I don't have access to the server machine! If you do not have access to your server (i.e. you are hacking the college email machine), the best thing to do is upload your Doom3 base directory to your server. This will include your doom3.exe as well as your doom3config.cfg. Make an ISO of your first doom3 disk and also upload that, run something like daemon tools to mount the iso virtually.
Hey Doc what about the CD is it needed? It is only required for setup, once console mode is running you no longer need it. So, you can run a dedicated server and play from your client PC with the same DOOM 3 copy (thanks id). To Install without the CD you need to have a file called "doomkey". Go to the base folder and create a text file called "doomkey". NOTE: This file should not have any file extension. Open the doomkey file in notepad. Enter your CD Key exactly as it appears on the CD Key sticker. Use all capital letters and do not include any dashes. Save it. To save in notepad without the .txt extension save it as "doomkey", with the quotes. You are now offically a hacker!
I've heard the Hardware Reqments are steep? Actually you should be good with as low as a Dual PIII 500, 512Mb I believe the real gating factor is your net card. GET A GOOD NET CARD. The reason the req's appear steep is due to a 'bug' that pegs the CPU at 100%.
Hardware is in place, OS is running,
Doom3 is on the hard drive. What now Doc?
Take a break, grab a few beers, take a few hits... no wait that's wrong go to the next question.
How do I run a dedicated server? Use my handy 'DoomDed.Bat' Doom3 dedicated server batch file. Or use it to create you own. If batch files leave a bitter taste in your mouth then the command line for 4 players is:

Doom3.exe +set net_serverdedicated 1 +exec DoomConfig.cfg +servermaprestart +set si_maxPlayers 4
DoomConfig.cfg what wonders lie inside?
seta si_spectators “1/0” – [on/off] Allow people to join your server to watch the game without playing
seta si_usePass "1/0" – [on/off] Turn on password authentication to join server
seta si_warmup "1/0" – [on/off] Allow time for players to join and get ready before the match starts
seta si_teamDamage "1/0" - [on/off] Available for Team Deathmatch only, this option enables or disables friendly fire between teammates.
seta si_timeLimit "10" – [minutes] How long a game lasts, he with the most frags wins (this will be the iFrag default for 15 mins).
seta si_fragLimit "10" – [units] - The player who reaches this score first, wins.
seta si_map "game/mp/MAP" – [map name] – select maps from below
seta si_gameType "GAMETYPE" – [game type] – select from game types below
Game types:
"Deathmatch" - An every-marine-for-himself slugfest. If you’re the marine with the most kills when time runs out, you win.
"Team DM" - Pair-up and compete to be the team with the most kills before time runs out.
"Last Man" - Each marine has a limited number of lives. If all others have fallen and you’re the last marine standing, you win.
"Tourney" - Two marines battle one-on-one while others watch and wait as spectators. When the battle’s over, the first spectator in line becomes the new opponent while the loser moves to the end of the spectator line. The victor remains in the combat arena until defeated by another marine.
seta si_name "SERVERNAME" – [server name] – the name of your server
Doc, what about map rotation? Take a copy of mapcycle.scriptcfg out of pak000.pk4 (the first one) using winrar rename it to something else in your Base folder, i.e. "ifrag.scriptcfg".
You will see some code like this:
if ( cycle_maps >  0 )
{ if ( si_map == "game/mp/d3dm1" ) <-- FIRST MAP
{ sys.setcvar( "si_map", "game/mp/d3dm2" ); <-- SECOND MAP
} else if ( si_map == "game/mp/d3dm2" ) <-- SECOND MAP
{ sys.setcvar( "si_map", "game/mp/d3dm3" ); <-- THIRD MAP
} else if ( si_map == "game/mp/d3dm3" ) <-- THIRD MAP
{ sys.setcvar( "si_map", "game/mp/d3dm4" ); <-- FOURTH MAP
} else if ( si_map == "game/mp/d3dm4" ) <-- FOURTH MAP
{ sys.setcvar( "si_map", "game/mp/d3dm5" ); <-- FIFTH MAP
} else
{ sys.setcvar( "si_map", "game/mp/d3dm1" ); } }<-- FIRST MAP

Where I have pointed out the MAP names insert your map name there. So to replace d3dm4 with d3dm5 go to where is says FOURTH MAP and replace the word d3dm4 with d3dm5. Now D3DM5 will play fourth (it will also play fifth).
Next create a file called server.cfg (or edit it if you have one) add this line
set g_mapCycle "ifrag" Now add this to your run command line
exec "server.cfg"
More when I sober up!
Q. When playing Doom 3 on a LAN, my ping is always 30-40ms, where other Multiplayer games are always <10. Why is that?
A. Doom 3 calculates ping in a different fashion than older Multiplayer games. There should be no latency whatsoever when playing Doom 3 over a LAN.

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